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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
I'm sure I'll see this within a few years. My ex used to say sh1t like "when we have kids..." like it was set in stone.
It was odd. She'd been with the guy since the end of college and they'd moved around a bit together as her and I had kept in touch. She then let me know that he'd asked her dad about it and they had gone ring shopping a bit....then FB announced the engagement and wedding followed

Originally Posted by kushy View Post
klubeck: good for you (no sarcasm). How old are you?
Thanks kushy. I'm 25. It seems that quite a few people I know are getting married. There are two other girls that meant something more than just dating and have a feeling the second might be close to that point and I'll feel the same amount of content and happiness for her. The third was the most recent and random enough she has started dating a guy about 4 months ago, and she openly told me about it so it wouldn't be surprised. If she got married soon that one might hurt a lil.

It's odd but I tend to stay friends w/ girls I've been with after it's all said and done...well I guess it's cordial enough. Most of them are just hook ups and what not and was never really a relationship so that makes it different I guess. I never try to hold grudges or get caught up on it. Definitely feel confident more than ever that there really isn't "the one" for every person...hell there were three girls that could have been the one so far. You live, you love and you learn.
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