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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
I'd have to spend some time adding components/etc together to make a direct cost comparison.. but a HPF Stage 3 includes quite a few little bells n whistles like the gauges, meth kit, etc..

The best comparison would be a HPF Stage 2.5 vs a Saad Stage 3. The difference being Flex Fuel vs Meth. Saad's flex fuel setup being significantly less than HPF's meth setup. Ignoring that though and just going Stage 2.5 vs Saad Stage 3 without doing the math I think the HPF kit is still cheaper.. and more refined.. Saad builds race cars.. and he's rather good at it.. its just hard to beat the HPF Stage anything kit as far as refinement.. and thats not a knock against Saad, or anyone for that matter.. simply put JP built an incredible turbo setup for HPF and it shows in every nut, bolt and screw..

FSR is not far behind though, after spending some time with them I'm really impressed with their attention to detail.

Source: Been there, done that.. a year and a half ago.

If you're looking for wild, and lots of custom stuff.. I'd go Saad/FSR/ProEFI.
If you're looking for an off the shelf kit that just works and can be installed by just about anyone... I'd go HPF... if you start deviating from the off the shelf setup thats where the HPF kit starts to deteriorate.
Might also like to add that HPF also has a proven track record and a database of known problems. If you end up having a problem trouble shooting will more/less be a breeze compared to a more custom kit.

In my opinion all 4 vendors mentioned here build quality stuff, but like with everything in life they all have their good and their bad. It'll be up to what the customer wants in the end and how much they are willing to pay.
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