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Originally Posted by choxor View Post
I support the Constitution, something that I took an oath to defend. I could give two shits about the Patriot Act.

But it's cute that you automatically label me a gun nut and right winger. That's what you do when someone doesn't agree with you. Food for thought: we're not all far left or far right. It's this bipartisan bullshit mentality that's causing all this trouble.

Here's the bottom line: it doesn't effect you so you don't care. Cool. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to support something for the "good of the nation." Cool. Now wait until something does come along and infringes on something that effects you. We'll see how cool you feel about it then.

I'm a law abiding citizen. Who the hell are you to tell me what I need and don't need when it comes to my weapons. Who the hell are you to tell me what's necessary to defend myself. I've been in a combat situation. Have you? Please tell me what qualifies you to tell me what I need for defense aside from having fingers and an internet connection.

People who want to kill people are going to kill people. That's it. I don't care if he or she uses an M4, a .22 target pistol, or a goddamn rock. Address the ISSUES.

Oh, but wait! The bright side is the gangbangers and thugs won't have access to banned weapons now! Just like they don't have access to illegal drugs! Because those are illegal, you know. And thank god I can only get shot at by at most 10 rounds before the perp has to reload! That's going to make a huge difference. Because, you know, they're going to follow that law. Not the law about not murdering anyone, but the magazine restriction they definitely will.
You don't give a shiit about The Patriot Act? Oh! So you don't actually care about upholding all of the constitution, just what suits you. Good to know! The Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Some oath you took.

Civil liberties have been compromised for every American under The Patriot Act, so I do know how it feels to be affected.

And you do not have the right to do anything you please in this country. You have free speech but cannot yell fire in a movie theater. To that I say- too fuucking bad! Now you can own guns, but you cannot buy an AR-15. Too fuucking bad! If you don't like it- move to another country. Although unless it's a third world country- it's not likely to have more lax gun control than we do here.

Address what issues? What the government is attempting to do right now is ban the most efficient killing machines, while still leaving very efficient other killing machines legal- as they should be under the constitution.

If you want to have a reasoned debate don't be rocks to a gun debate. Are you kidding me? Many of the weapons used in these killings were legal. Y'all act like they weren't. I know criminals will still have guns, and that's a shame. Maybe we should throw them all in Guantanamo.

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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people

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