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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
"Most cars don't even have hand brakes anyway. They have a foot actuated parking/emergency brake that works with a ratcheting motion like a hand brake." Jeez. You sure you are not talking about dodgem cars?

So its a handbrake that you activate with your foot?

The topic is manual gears not automatic. But the last time I drove an auto, which was many years ago, I recall there being a P position that would lock the vehicle when in traffic. It was one up from N (neutral) and two up from D (drive) . I still had a hand brake though. Again no need to sit with your foot on the brake pedal and your brake lights blinding and annoying the crap out of the driver behind you.

"I think you are the odd man out on your driving habits." Obviously. I'm British. We know how to drive manuals. We have to demonstrate it to the authorities before we are allowed to.
What's ridiculous is your claim that it's somehow bad for the car to be stopped with the brakes engaged. That is absolutely false. I cannot believe that you would fail the driver's test for not using the hand brake unnecessarily. If you don't roll back a significant amount, then there is no practical difference at all.

You are also wrong about putting it in "P" while in traffic. That is even worse for the transmission because you go through reverse to get there. Torque converters are designed to be able to stay in drive while stopped. Sure, you can pop it in neutral and it'll maybe make your fluid last a bit longer, but it doesn't help that much.

It's not really any different on a manual. You just put it in neutral and lightly hold the brakes. That's how it's done. You don't pull the hand brake up every time you stop for any extended period of time. Sure, if you're stuck, not moving at all, you might put the brake on just to rest your foot. That's about it.

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