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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
You don't give a shiit about The Patriot Act? Oh! So you don't actually care about upholding all of the constitution, just what suits you. Good to know! The Patriot Act is unconstitutional. Some oath you took.

Civil liberties have been compromised for every American under The Patriot Act, so I do know how it feels to be affected.

And you do not have the right to do anything you please in this country. You have free speech but cannot yell fire in a movie theater. To that I say- too fuucking bad! Now you can own guns, but you cannot buy an AR-15. Too fuucking bad! If you don't like it- move to another country. Although unless it's a third world country- it's not likely to have more lax gun control than we do here.

Address what issues? What the government is attempting to do right now is ban the most efficient killing machines, while still leaving very efficient other killing machines legal- as they should be under the constitution.

If you want to have a reasoned debate don't be rocks to a gun debate. Are you kidding me? Many of the weapons used in these killings were legal. Y'all act like they weren't. I know criminals will still have guns, and that's a shame. Maybe we should throw them all in Guantanamo.
It's amazing how you avoid the actual points of the debate and instead go off on tangents and put words in the mouths of others.

And it's excellent that you belittle the oath that I took when I joined the military. Thanks for that.

And please, tell me, when you're in a gun free zone and you're the only one with a gun, how "efficient" of a killing machine do you need? That crazy ****er ended the spree himself when he took his life. No one stopped him.

But please, don't consider the guy that was pulling the trigger. Consider the gun by itself. If these bans were in place it still would have happened. Just as many people would have probably have been killed. Ever see what an IED can do to a human body? I have. You think guns are the most efficient way to kill? You're sadly mistaken.

But like I said, let's put the real issue on the back burner. Give the people the knee jerk reaction that they want. They want SOMETHING done. Will it make a difference? No. But damn, it sure does make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!
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