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One thing I will do, if my brakes are hot from say, going down a steep hill...when I stop, I'll let my car roll a few inches so the pads don't sit on one place on the rotor too long. Supposedly, this helps minimize the chances that the pads will lay down material on the rotors--which then creates an effect most would call a 'warped rotor' incorrectly.

Also, I believe it is the law here to have the brakes on when stopped, and it's not such a bad idea anyway...just in the off chance you're hit from the rear, that would prevent you from being pushed into the car ahead or into an intersection...g-d forbid.

But, I'll also say that if the ground is level and I don't need brakes, I won't always use them when stopped. Anyway, lay off our UK Fanatic...even though he thought one of my posts was the stupidest he'd ever read, I'm sure he's read stupider ones by now...I sure I know I have.

My favorites: the guy that wanted to remove his brake pads because they were squeaking...and thought that would be a way to eliminate the squeak.

Another, the guy that wanted to remove the brake booster because it was hissing...and again, he wanted to eliminate the hiss.

My all time favorite, though, is that guy that painted his tires green...and stupider, the guys that asked him how to do it properly.
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