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Originally Posted by sgoetz628 View Post
Seems to me the two most important things to save your manual in traffic are to keep your foot off the clutch pedal as much as possible, which means coasting to a stop in neutral, and engage it as quickly as you can without popping it.
Try just letting off the gas. You can keep it in gear, whatever gear you're in, and you'll be better off. Usually, if I have the room, I'll just engine brake and just use the brake if absolutely necessary.

You can stay in gear and go to neutral just before you brake.

My wife learned to drive a manual and would go into neutral and coast very far away from a light...I stopped bothering to tell her not to do she has an automatic, so no issue.

Also, don't worry about Ray's comment. Many have picked up habits from wherever and always thought they were correct...they're not always.

Anyway, the engine itself is a great brake, and ironically, not only does it save you a shift, but you use less gas. The car idles in gear, engine braking, none at all.

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