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Originally Posted by sgoetz628 View Post
And another thing... We do things a little differently than in the UK. Not better or worse. Just different. And even though they have the steering wheel on the wrong side, the fact that they never acquired a taste for automatics is a great thing. I'm sure most here with automatics do a superb job of driving. But the average American driver is an idiot behind the wheel and, in my opinion, much of that comes from isolation, or lack of driver involvement. And the number one item that allows for this lack of involvement is the gd automatic transmission. So kudos to the Brits for their manuals, and who cares whether you call it a parking brake, emergency brake, or hand brake.

I agree here. I bought an auto for this specific reason, I wanted to be driven around and not have to worry about shifting or traffic. I tracked and daily'd a modded S2000 6 years prior to this car. I wanted the complete opposite, so i bought a 4-door auto. That being said, I'm a very alert driver. I don't have my hand on the radio or texting ,now that I don't have to shift.
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