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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Many gun nuts- are also right wing guys who support the Patriot Act. Do you support it? Rhetorical question. I have no doubt you'll now claim you aren't one of them.

Regardless- if you support the Patriot Act- and support unconditional ownership of guns in the US- you are a hypocrite. Are you really a constitutionalist? Or just a self-serving ass? Food for thought.

Yes, criminals will still get guns. Not all- but quite a few of the guns used in these shootings were legal. Not illegal guns owned by criminals. Legal guns owned by someone- be it the shooter or a relative- flying under the radar.

Obviously the restrictions won't entirely fix the problem- they can't. But as Obama said- if he can prevent one lost life through the restrictions- it's a victory.
All guns are legal at some point until they are stolen,then the BECOME illegally aquired guns. Possible exception is stuff smuggled from other countries but new laws probably won't slow that down.

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