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Originally Posted by cak323i View Post
If you're talking about what is in this picture below...

That strip has to do with how the photo was taken. I used my Nikon D5100 in selective color mode and some areas where I had reflection were greyed out showing the appearance that I had a strip there when it was just a reflection.

If you're going for a more sporty-aggressive look for your sedan then I have to say that mounting OEM M3 side mirrors are a must! It does take lots of work to get them properly mounted but in the end well worth the time, cost, and effort to get them to look OEM... I'm glad I took the time and effort to get mine mounted.

Thanks for the complement on my build though! It's taken lots of money to get my ZHP where it is and I still have a log way to go before I reach my "ZHP perfection"

As for your ride...I think it's totally awesome that you have an S54 tucked inside....totally stealth - love it!
Thanks bro, much appreciated. The shot makes it look like its an led strip, either way its awesome. ddm tuning sells M3 rear view mirros with auto fold as a feature for the sedans. Im jumping on it ASAP. I will def. look you up next time i hit RI... I have family out there.....
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