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O.P first and foremost if the MAF is bad it will throw a code. Try to scan it and see what codes you come up with and post it and let me see if I can help. The most obvious symptom of MAF failure is a "CFL" light. When an engine sensor fails, the vehicle computer reverts to code values stored in memory to compensate for the loss of a signal from the sensor involved and it goes into limp mode.

If the MAF is bad you would definantly know since it will be hard to start the vehicle; running very rich or very lean fuel mixture starts and immediately stalls, hesitation in engine; rough idle, or "hiccup" when accelerating you feel it bogging. If its fuel pressure then your car wont be able to run correctly.
Missfires are usually caused by bad coil, a foul or old plug or low compression. I guess what Im trying to say is scan it first and post the codes but dont waste your time with the MAF.

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