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Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
So the basic HPF tuner kit with intercooler setup is $6000...SAAD tuner kit is $13000 ...the only big differences is the oil sump and tubular exhaust manifold...which for a non-built motor is pointless.
If you break it down by the actual parts.. you will also notice the HPF tuner kit doesn't come with an intercooler, hot side charge piping, cold side charge piping, BOV, intake piping, intake filter, and the other big ticket items you mentioned. Also I think the comparison between the two would be the Saad Racing Stage 1 kit which is $9,999 according to this link

If you do the HPF tubular "upgrade" (yet to see results showing if this is even making more power than their cast manifold), add their intercooler, their piping, their BOV setup, their intake, etc.. you are in the same ballpark for pricing..

Kinda pointless to compare the companies other "stages" as they both accomplish their power figures through different components. HPF uses methanol to achieve higher power, thus they don't need a very extravagant fuel system (can get by with a tiny pump inline/small injectors). Saad Racing looks to E85 to achieve higher power, thus they need a much larger fuel system than stock which to do properly requires much more lines/fittings.
The other "required" pieces aren't really needed unless you are pushing the setup to the max and want it very reliable. On your car that makes 800hp+, did you change out your driveshaft, differential, add a diff brace, add flex fuel with all sensors, etc..?

Originally Posted by Commanderwiggin View Post
Now for can get a full DME tuned setup with MaxPSI which is by far one of the best setups money can buy.
If Saad is really coming out with a DME tuned setup, their Stage 1 kit would be in the same price range and offer similar components as MaxPSI's kit. I do like the fact that Saad's kit routes the intercooler piping up and over, uses a oil drain sump that appears plug/play and easily removable (MaxPSI posted a picture of their kit drain drilled/tapped in to the stock pan), etc.. Of course it would be nice to see more installed pictures of both setups to really draw a conclusion as to which kit one would go with.
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