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Letter from a collection agency over a parking ticket?

Today I got in the mail a letter for a collection agency. Saying I Owe the company "precise park link" $100. It has my name address ect and my licence plate number. The letter Came from Saskatoon , A city 3 hours away from me. precise park link does only one Parking lot in my City. Thats SIAST. Its a trade school mixed with a bunch of things. I go there once in awhile to teach TIG welding when they need extra help.

You have to put in two dollars Every day and the machine prints you out a ticket. You place it on your dash or you are given a ticket. I Never did get one. Ive seen the tickets they Issue. Its a piece of paper with the colour plate, and time. Thats it. They dont take pictures of where your parked like a city ticket. I phoned this place and asked about this, then asked if they had proof of my vehicle actually being there.

He didnt really say anything when i asked. All he said was if you dont pay this we will Ruin your credit for the next 10 years as he yelled into the phone. I asked agian " Is there any way you can prove this was my truck parked there? Im sure the guy just wrote down the plate wrong" He replied with " Nope our maids are professionally trained and dont make mistakes" i asked "Your guys? Your the collection agency not the parking company" After a few more questions he hung up on me, After i looked this place up the collection agency and the parking place is only a few block away from each other...My question is, do i have to worry about this or throw it in the trash? They have no proof to say i was parked there without paying. How could this even hurt my credit? Is credit not based on borrowing money and not parking? They have no proof i was even the one that parked the truck, simply because im the owner of the vehicle? It seems like scare tactics to me. Just looks like they are trying to scare me into paying them some cash, when this parking place has no authority to give tickets. What are your guys thoughts
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