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which bmw scanner can help sloved my problem?

Today i start my car and went inside my house for 10minutes, when i came out my car service engine soon light was on, wth i ask myself, i recently change oil on my car and it been a few thousand mile without problem. I try to resetting the miles back to 15525 on the dashboard and reset the service engine soon light but the service engine soon light didn't go away. I drove the car for 300 miles, i check the remaining miles on my car and it was still at 15525, the miles 15525 didn't even drop after i drive 300 miles after i reset it. Not sure what is going on, so I try to disconnect the battery but when i got to the battery, i can't even disconnect the negative wire that is hook up onto the battery terminal where the negative is hook up too. I know after you loosen the nuts on the negative wire terminal you should be able to pull the negative wire off the battery but that wasn't my case, it was stuck like hell, i pull so hard and almost got my battery ruined, the battery plastic around the battery terminal almost broke off and came out a bit of battery grease. I stop and used a hammer to bang it back down, lucky my car still started or else i'll be paying for a new $200 battery. Worst day ever, i can't even take out my battery. So i need a bmw scanner that can scan and reset my service engine soon light or read the code and tell me what wrong with my car. I went to autozone to get a code read but they bs and say they no longer do that. Which bmw scanner do you guys recommend that will help fix my problem?
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