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thanks guys for all the squat tips. Ill use em on friday. I dead lifted today and have another form check vid for you guys. I usually do about 165 185 but today felt good and I was told ive been taking it to easy so I tried sets of 5 with 135 185 225 235. The video is my first ever attempt at 5 reps at 225.

How does the form look? Also for dl how sore are u guys the following day? I can physically do the lifts heavier than i have in the past but i shy away because it takes me 2-3 days to be "normal". Im wondering basically how to tell between sore muscles from good workout vs, back pain issues. The day of is not bad after about an hour leaving the gym. The next day however its really sore to bend over and touch my toes etc. I can still do full range of motion its just all very tight.

video link:
thanks again fanatics!
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