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Originally Posted by wc325i View Post
god_speed, ur living my dream, r34 gtr and an E46 !!! jealous.
Thanks mate Yeah the 330 auto is perfect for taking the edge off the daily grind while the GTR is a great weekend blast.

Still wonder what OP's new acquisition could be. Trying to eliminate some possibilities... I don't see how he could be trading 'down' to an older car after an E46 M3 then an E60 M5... if we can discount the new models (F30, F10, F12/13, F01) and you'd want some semblance of performance after an M, so no cooking version X5s/ X6s... but you would be used to the space of the E60, so no 1M / 1 series, an E90/E92 M3 would be a bit tight but was my first guess... E63/64 M6 isn't a bad guess; can't imagine you would buy an E66 750/760 after an M. The X5M / X6M guess was also pretty good.

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