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ok so... it wasn't bikram yoga so room I think was around 90 fahrenheit, still pretty hot. Felt like a hot humid summer day. I was in there for an hour and a half, and my one biggest mistake was not taking enough breaks (only two took gulps of water) so I got a headache after from dehydration.

The sweat that comes from ... everywhere ... is disgusting.

Also, I had an absolute 10 beside me wearing nothing but tiny yoga shorts and a sports bra, as well as another hot (not quite a 10) in front of me.

It's impossible not to creep, these girls are doing "downward dog" and their ass is in the air with yoga pants, this part made me want to come back for sure.

Great core and leg workout, and holy **** I am not flexible whatsoever. Definitely need to work on that, my balance was pretty good at least.

Going to go every wednesday! Really enjoyed it despite feeling like **** at the end, its very relaxing once you know you are done the "workout" portion.
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