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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Do you guys generally take these pre-workout mixes because you feel fatigued? I've tried SuperPump and a few other supplements, but I didn't notice any difference. Maybe it's because caffeine doesn't affect me!!??
It helps. Super pump is like the Hi Point of guns...there are other pre workouts that will help your body and Increase numbers, but you'll probably have to make your own.
I make my own of
beta alanine
Citrulline malate
3 orange triad vitamins
Better than everything out there...pissed they made 1,3 DMMA banned and hard to find. That stuff rocked
Gives my body a mix of supportive and performance boosts that will hell me if I'm feeling sluggish. Also will help you pump that extra few reps when you are stuck! (CM also gives a nice pump )

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