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Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
I've preached since day one that the meth system was a great idea when it works, and well developed but that still doesn't remove the chance of failure.. due to all the safe guards and complexity it is a bear to troubleshoot.. and if DURING meth injection something fails its reactive.. (impossible to be proactive in a situation like that) and so for that split second.. your little 3.2l that makes 800rwhp runs lean.. and that can be JUST ENOUGH to hose something.
I would like to see 50/50 mix of meth pump and water so it's non flammable and tune the car for that. ( I would worry about pooling in the intake and a manifold explosion). I would also add the AEM meth fail-safe gauge and have it trigger the low boost map if pressure drops. I would feel a lot better running it.. Since I had my AEM unlocked I'm going to make theses changes with 94 pump and see what numbers it makes.
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