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Originally Posted by CTRob View Post
More questions for Enco owners please and thank you
  • Does Google maps/Nav auto recalculates the route if you go off the designated route? (The Dynavin Android 2.2 O/S doesn't auto recalulate ) - EDIT- just thought about this, this probably can't be tested at the minute until the GPS is fixed right??
  • Does the sound cuts out when reverse gear is selected or does it just lower?
  • Can the unit be tethered by USB cable to the likes of a samsung Galaxy II/III ? (I know we can Tether over wifi but I have a usb cradle/dock in my car for my Galaxy II and interested to see if USB tethering might work to the Enco).
  • How sensitive is the Touchscreen? (Dynavin screen has a bit of a mind of it's own when clicking on letters etc so looking to see ease of use etc on the Enco).
  • Does the time and date on the Android side save (like it would on a phone) or does it lose time/date setting each time the unit is restarted ?(Dynavin units required the time to be manually set each time the unit is started or a GPS or WiFi/Internet connection to set it).

Would love to see a review of the new units on the Android side
Google Navigation does recalculate automatically. It does this on 2.3.2 on my custom tablet installation, as well.

Not sure on the sound cutting in and out, but if I had to guess, I'd guess that the rear camera is treated as any other "Input", so the sound will likely go completely out.

The touchscreen works as well as any other resistive touch touchscreen I have used. No complaints.

I wouldn't bank on being able to USB tether.

Time and date seem to save just fine on the Android side. It's always correct, but I am always tethered via WIFI.

Here's how I get around the fact that GPS is (until we can gain root access) irreparably broken:

I run the server on my phone, and the client on the radio. There's a widget for each, that just requires a touch once you have your WIFI tether going. It's not ideal, since it completely bypasses the GPS hardware in the radio, but everything works exactly how it should with TetherGPS running.

So, here's where I'm at with rooting this thing. After peeking inside, I found a button on the Android board. Since it's a Telechips board, I figured holding down this button would put it into FWDN mode, I could hook up via USB, the laptop would see it, and I could read/write the NAND. If I could pull a full backup with FWDN, I could extract that with the Telechips tools, put in a new version of SU with the appropriate privs, pack it back up, and send it back to the radio. So, I held the button down, powered it on... "NO SIGNAL" on the radio screen, which is a good sign it's in FWDN mode...but it never did allow a connection from either of my laptops. I tried two, one of them with XP, just in case something was funky with Windows 7. Nada. Sonofabitch.

So, without some sort of software exploit, some sort of APK that roots it for us, there's no getting in. Those kind of exploits are beyond my ability, unfortunately.

As-is, I'm "OK" with tethering my phone to it for GPS functionality. I have to tether it for internet access anyway, so it's just one more click. But, while that's me, and I don't mind fussing a little, that's definitely not what I paid for.

So, it's time to put Enco's feet to the fire. I have created a Paypal dispute, and requested a refund of half of my purchase price. Half of the radio works fine, and the half that provides the GPS functionality is crippled by a software bug, and short-sighted engineers who left no method for updating or patching Android. It's only fair that I'm compensated for that half.

I also gave them an alternative. Provide me with instruction on how to gain root, so that I can insert my fixed Framework.jar, and I will cancel the refund request.

It's a shame that a good product is rushed out the door with a crippling software bug, rendering it useless to most people.

Here are the possible outcomes, from least likely to most likely:

1. I get a refund of $280
2. I get root access, and can help everyone fix their radio.
3. Enco and Paypal both tell me to off, and I get nothing.
4. Eventually, someone releases a software exploit for 4.0.4 that gives us root, and we can fix it anyway.

At least I know I tried.
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