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Didn't read past page 1, but I thought I'd throw my most impressive numbers in here.

Let me preface this with, due to school, work, and lifestyle decisions, I have not lifted or exercised regularly in over a year. .

However about 3 or so years ago, when I was at my strongest & leanest, I could do:

8 dips (per set) @ 168 lb bodyweight + 135lb on weight-belt.
12 chin ups (palms in) (per set) @ 168 bodyweight + 90lb on weight-belt
8 pull ups (palms out) (per set) @ 168 bodyweight + 65lb on weight-belt.

On average, I'd do 3 sets of each per workout at least once a week until failure. Usually failed somewhere amidst set 3, and often the beginning for pull ups (palms out).

I can put no-such numbers up now. .

I'm moving to another part of the country here in the next 2 weeks, so maybe with a new lifestyle and job will come new motivation to get back into the gym!

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