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Originally Posted by PainBreak View Post
Here are the possible outcomes, from least likely to most likely:

1. I get a refund of $280
2. I get root access, and can help everyone fix their radio.
3. Enco and Paypal both tell me to off, and I get nothing.
4. Eventually, someone releases a software exploit for 4.0.4 that gives us root, and we can fix it anyway.

At least I know I tried.
Thanks for the comments PainBreak

What I meant about reverse and sound or no sound was in relation to the Dynavin units - With previous models when reverse was engaged (whether you have a reverse camera or not installed) the sound would always cut out from whatever source you were listening to however with the newest Dynavin model the D99+ Dynavin corrected this by allow the user to select an option that when reverse is engaged (again whether you have a reverse camera or not installed) you can either have the audio mute completely or you can have the audio play but at a lower volume (much much better option ) - I'm just wondering is this possible to emulate with the new Enco units?

I think all the new unit Enco owners need to follow suit here.

I think Jchuillier already said it - noise needs to be made here folks!

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