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Originally Posted by PainBreak View Post
So, it's time to put Enco's feet to the fire. I have created a Paypal dispute, and requested a refund of half of my purchase price. Half of the radio works fine, and the half that provides the GPS functionality is crippled by a software bug, and short-sighted engineers who left no method for updating or patching Android. It's only fair that I'm compensated for that half.

I also gave them an alternative. Provide me with instruction on how to gain root, so that I can insert my fixed Framework.jar, and I will cancel the refund request.

It's a shame that a good product is rushed out the door with a crippling software bug, rendering it useless to most people.

Here are the possible outcomes, from least likely to most likely:

1. I get a refund of $280
2. I get root access, and can help everyone fix their radio.
3. Enco and Paypal both tell me to off, and I get nothing.
4. Eventually, someone releases a software exploit for 4.0.4 that gives us root, and we can fix it anyway.

At least I know I tried.
Yep same for me with my no sound issue, can you PM some details of your Paypal dispute and I will do the same once I've started mine so we can tell paypal that more than 1 unit has some "issues"

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