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Originally Posted by trj View Post
No one recommending BMW scanner 1.4?
OP, if you are looking for a simple to use and easy to understand and set-up scanner buy a BMW scanner 1.4. You can change settings and code your car accordingly as well. Comes from China for $32, takes a little time. Else buy the same from US seller for a little higher price. There is a long thread on the BMW scanner.
DIS, carsoft, INPA are great but a pain to setup and higher chances of messing up if you dont know what you are doing.

For you current problem, go to autozone or such and ask them to read/clear code. They will do it for free.
Also, battery will cost you $100 not $200. At autozone 49DL is the model number, if you dont have a convertible.
The reason no one is recommending them is the latest batch are crap and are a waste of money. Do yourself a favor and buy one from these shores.

And Autozone will not reset the code, it's against their policy.
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