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Just out of curiosity I checked mine, which I have owned since new (my seats are like yours + heated). Neither seat slides forward when I lift the folding lever. However, if the headrest is up, it goes down. Honestly can't remember whether they used to or not, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. There's so much electronics in these cars that they often have brain farts. For example, sometimes my top won't go down with the interior button, so I have to use the door key. Other times it's just the opposite. But yesterday I went to put the top down and nothing - from either control location. Then I closed the top holder compartment (reducing the trunk space), tried opening the top and, of course, the yellow light came on. Opened the trunk holder compartment and, voila, the top went down. If these were new glitches happening, then I'd be worried. But like I said, they've been happening since day one, so I still sleep well at night.

Can't help you with problem #1, other than to say my seat doesn't move/fold in the slightest bit without that folding lever being lifted. Seems like something that needs to be addressed ASAP, meanwhile that's how/where your seatbelt attaches.
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