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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Maybe in this instance. Normally he's just deriding manual transmission owners as people who couldn't afford to pony up the extra $1000 for an automatic.

Oh and while I'm against Chinese HIDs, I'm not so against not retrofitting the auto leveling system. It does not adjust very quickly at all (takes a few seconds before it decides to change). Over bumps and such, an auto leveling car and a fixed level car will cause the same scatter. The only thing auto leveling allows is for you to load up a ton of weight and not have to worry about reaiming the light.

Also, unlike Europe, it is not a legal requirement here to have auto leveling for HID systems.
In my experience and observation, the dynamic leveling system in our cars work extremely well and work on an active basis. Try this: At night point your car against a wall (at pretty much any distance) with the headlights on and open your trunk. Push down on the back of the car and watch the headlights compensate. It happens pretty quickly. You don't want it to happen TOO quickly as you wouldn't want the headlights flickering over every bump. I think (in not so techy terms) takes an average and considers other factors as well. All in all, I think it does a great job.

Ken Rockwell's observations:

Automatic Dynamic Range and Height Adjustment

This is the magic part about the real BMW xenon headlights. They impressed the dickens out of me on my first night drive. I'm used to lights dipping as I brake and rising as I hammer it. These automatically and dynamically adjust the lights as you drive!

The BMW xenon lights continuously adjust themselves as you drive. As you put more or less in the trunk, step on the gas or brake or drive up or down hills in normal cars the lights go up and down, and half the time would blind oncoming drivers. If you load up the trunk in a normal car or every time you step on the gas the car points up a little and points the lights up. In the BMW 540 the xenon lights automatically self adjust, and if you're paying attention as I do you'll see them moving up and down to compensate every moment as you drive. This is also why it's illegal to jam a xenon conversion bulb into a regular headlight: the xenon is so much brighter that it's a safety hazard if it doesn't continually adjust itself. This is why the xenon headlight assemblies on the BMW cost about $1,000 each.

The adjustment considers acceleration, braking and suspension positions. It also considers road speed so it knows how to interpret suspension movement.

That last tidbit is pretty interesting
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