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Originally Posted by ryanwhite74115 View Post
Look...I never said it was the proper solution but some people are set on a certain cable. In the perfect world all houses would be run with fiber and all devices would run on fiber (minus power cords and speaker wire basically). But it's not. I recognize this too. I was just saying if he was absolutely set on fiber there are adapters.

In all reality you should probably just have 4 CAT-7 wires run to every room and then back to a centralized unit. Just my opinion however.

OP. Don't waste your money on CAT7 or fibre. You will gain nothing from either. CAT5e is just as fast as CAT6, CAT7 and MOST fibre installs. Even if you got 10gbps fibre, none of your devices will support it and you'll run at gigabit at best.

If you're doing an in-wall setup, use CAT6. It's better insulated and will have a lesser chance of interference. It will cost a little more than CAT5, but you were considering fibre, so CAT6 is the cheap option, haha. CAT7 is a waste unless your house is a giant mansion (and even then, CAT6 will do just fine).

If you're concerned about speed on your wired network, make sure all your devices are capable of gigabit. If they're not (and you care about getting top speed out of that device), pick up a gigabit NIC for <$40. If you've got any switches, make sure they are gigabit as well. If not, replace them. If you get your entire network running gigabit, congrats, you're now doing better than 95% of houses. (no source...haha)

All this said, none of this will make your internet faster because you're likely already exceeding your internet speed with the system you've got now.

My (professional) advise decent router (I prefer cisco's home line) + DD-WRT + CAT6 + Upgrade old components.
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