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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
There are plenty of other aftermarket stereos with Bluetooth linking to the iPhone. The iPhone should link automatically every time the unit is powered on, with these units. There are also device interface's that will let you hook up your steering wheel controls to most aftermarket stereos, as long as the stereo has that capability built in. The easiest way to get advice on this would be to call Crutchfield. You don't necessarily have to buy from them, you can just take their advice, and buy elsewhere. I found that Amazon usually has lower prices than Crutchfield on most units.
BTW - February is the best month for buying this sort of stuff, since the new models are released at CES, which just wrapped up. You can get a good deal on last years models, which are usually no different on features, they just update the looks.
I don't want a new head unit. I'm looking for things similar to the Belkin. There is another one called a Tunelink that does a similar thing. I already have an aux input so I'm basically looking for solutions to wire into that and a 12v source.

Originally Posted by BimminLSB///M3 View Post
No. The price is $74.99 BEFORE adding a $50 bluetooth dongle. My total was $125 which includes bluetooth.

The Belkin Bluetooth module on Amazon is $70.
That's not too bad then.

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