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flyin' lo, for the sake of terminology and parts references in this thread, here's the relevant illustration for an 04 330i. Is this your car's configuration?

The constant velocity joint can dry out, but if you've been pulling apart the DS off the car just to replace the CSB, you should find it easy enough to repack the CV joint.

Some things to keep in mind....

- If you are replacing the giubo (flex disc .... part #2 in that diagram, which is unfortunately labeled the "universal joint"), you should also replace part #1, the centering sleeve, as it has a rubber core that wears out and half-kills the effectiveness of the flex disc in absorbing driveline vibrations.

- If you are pulling the DS apart to replace the CSB, how are you getting part #12 back in? Piss-tight? With red loctite (that's what's in there initially I think)?

- When you torque down the bolts on the flex disc, are you torquing from the nuts, as recommended? If you try torquing from the bolt heads, this will put undue stress on the metal sleeves bonded into those holes with the rubber and reduce the life of the flex disc, sometimes drastically. TIS warns against doing this.

- Trans mounts. Are they good? Engine mounts? If these are bad or weak, you'll have lots of torque-induced twisting causing the DS to flex and wear out those parts meant to absorb all that.

- Diff bushings. Especially the one in front? If any look worn/torn, that may be your number-one issue.

- About "pre-loading." Does the TIS or Bentley still specify it as a necessary step for your car? Not everyone is a believer.
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