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Originally Posted by Shockingtaco View Post
Just purchased my first car, 04' 330i ZHP, extremely happy with car and i'm excited to be able to join the community! Just have a question hope you guys could offer me some advice.

I just recently purchased a 330i zhp and so far I'm really happy with it, I took it in to get an inspection the other day and everything seems pretty much fine except for the oil valve gasket which has a slight leak onto the heat shield. I noticed this pretty much as soon as I got the car, mainly just a faint smell of oil after the car is off, no leaking, no smoke. Is this a problem I should repair as quickly as possible or something that doesn't need instant attention?
Congrats on your new ride.
Its not a problem unless you run the engine with low oil for a long time.
Just check the oil level regularly, 5 minutes after you turn off the engine.
The oil light will come orange after you turn off the engine if you are about half a quart low, and oil light will come orange while driving if you are a quart low.
That is if the sensor is working correctly and you dont want to check the dipstick too often.

Leaky VCG is a well known problem for us, and I have tried many times to fix it on mine. Now, I just keep on topping up the oil till it gets warm enough to work on it. I will just change the Valve cover itself, since 2 sets of new gaskets didnt resolve the issue.

I'd say do VCG, spark plugs and VANOS seals together if you dont have records of the later two.
I like working on one side of the engine at a time.
Do a search on DIY for VANOS, VCG and spark plugs. You will get information on the part numbers and how to's.

Read Mango's thread and prioritize what you have to do first.
Sometimes Mango can go a little overboard on maintenance but he has saved many cars from potential disasters. So, do what you feel needs to be done after reading his threads. Mango
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