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Well, from a customer point of vue

1) Android software that you pay for is registered on your google account, so you can pay for a software on your phone and use it in your tablet, in your dynavin
2) WinCe is abandonware, even from MS
3) The marketshare of android in the phones is about 60%, Ios 25%, blackberry and bada maybe 7 each and Wince (or windows phone 7) is at a whooping 1%....where will you get new apps and new devs to work on such a DEAD platform, just to think that there are 7 times more people using the shitty blackberry system than WinCe....

Since you're an importer (or a distributor or a reseller) for them, tell them that if they stay out of android they are cutting themsleves from a LARGE (how about 60% of the population using smartphones) part of their potential customers...

This being said the ENCO problems are not to be minimized and with painbreak I'm probably one of the idiots doing the beta test for them, but the problems are "only" software related and if they give us root access they will be solved in 2 weeks, and the product exists, so they are closer to give ME (because I can't speak for anybody else) the solution I want (an android 4.xx system) than anybody else I can think of at the moment.

Yes I am pissed off because I have no sound, but one must also be a bit philosophical, it's a little TOY that I put in my big TOY, so it's not life threatening, and I like to do some beta test, must be because I work in racing and EVERYTHING is ALWAYS broken
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