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Originally Posted by jchuillier View Post
Well, from a customer point of vue

2) WinCe is abandonware, even from MS
3) The marketshare of android in the phones is about 60%, Ios 25%, blackberry and bada maybe 7 each and Wince (or windows phone 7) is at a whooping 1%....where will you get new apps and new devs to work on such a DEAD platform, just to think that there are 7 times more people using the shitty blackberry system than WinCe....

It is a common misconception with these types of units that winCE and Android can be compared.....not really, they are not equivalent, they serve two different purposes, two different types of customers, two different markets....

On a WinCE device, WinCE is not something you see, its just the background system that runs the navigation program that you DO see. WinCE is commonly used for this purpose across a wide variety of gps devices. It may be old, but it works well and is the "go to" system when running a stand alone nav. The better nav programs (like iGo) are intuitive and effective. WinCE does not do anything else in the unit, the rest of it is conventional car stereo hardware (and the same as the android units).

Android units on the other hand are flexible, you deal more with the OS directly, but can take a lot more work to get it where you want it, to an "android guy" this is fantastic but to a regular non-tech user it can be frustrating and a deal breaker.

Ask me how I know.....

By the reception I have received on this thread I think some of you guys see me as some kind of enemy or something.....Ive mostly stayed out of it but chime in when it seems things are getting bad........Im not some sleazy salesman, go dig up my history here, I was in your same position 3 years ago, just a member on this forum trying to work out the bugs on these new-fangled dynavin units.....and trying to help fellow forum members avoid getting ripped off by shady dealers. So I saved my pennies and bought a pallet load of dynavins and have been earning my reputation ever since.

Im a bit protective of these forums as I am trying to keep things from going back to the way they used to be with people getting ripped off all the time by vendors who come in here, unload a bunch of half working product, and split.....Im not saying that is what enco is doing BUT you are now having to dispute your purchase with enco through paypal just to get them to respond to you....not a good sign....

Its good that you are posting it on this forum but you too will soon be buried in this thread and most readers will never see this....keep in mind this is the third go round for this, you are not a "beta tester", this thread is over a year old and enco/szenco/erisin/hualingan units have been around for more than 3 years.....

Good luck guys, I wish you well and I hope things work out for you.

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