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Originally Posted by chilipenquin View Post
Get a Hobie
I thought you were telling me to find a hobby

Originally Posted by Glight View Post
Ha. I'd get a used canoe if I were you. Its more fun being on the river with someone in close proximity and there is a bunch of room to store stuff like a cooler, etc.

You can probably get a used aluminum canoe for about $200, use it for 5 years and then sell it for the same price.
ehh I guess but I think a kayak is more fun to paddle around in. Las time I was in an aluminum boat and had to row I almost abandoned ship in frustration.

Originally Posted by bgsmith View Post
Just go steal one, I know someone that used to work at an REI and stolen kayaks and canoes where a big issue. Guess no one would question people walking out of the store with one, everyone just assumed someone else had helped them.
that's hilarious
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