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[QUOTE=klubeck;15070328]You made a mention to not having FB, "tool" was the January 13th 2005 Urban Word of the Day according to Urban Dictionary (great source, I know). Facebook was created in 2004 and didn't really gain popularity until years following when it extended out of the Harvard market and to the West coast. Urban slang will have a longevity of maybe a year tops, to be courteous to you I'll round to 1.5 years. So given that the term would die out by mid 2006, prior to the expansion that FB made to the popular level it is today.

Therefore your argument is invalid

Just fvcking with you man, not get a hug today or something?

lol, I wasn't trying to be totally serious. No hug today, in fact I got screwed on my raise that I was promised by the ceo. Instead I got a 3% raise, not retro paid from when it was supposed to take affect, then Toby (obama) takes out 4%.

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