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I have been using this same diagram as a reference, but I was unsure whether or not you could repack the cv joint (item 14) or if it had to be replaced. Lesson learned! In regards to the hex bolt connecting the two shafts, I would say knuckle-bleeding from the garage floor tight (probably very similar). However, I have not replace the centering sleeve (yet).

Due to the way that the flex disc bolts were in (head toward rear, threads towards the front) I couldn't get my torque wrench in place, so I had to torque from the bolt heads. Does the bolt direction make a difference? Also, on the last flex disc, one of the bolts fit so tightly into the disc sleeve that I had to knock it out with a hammer. I'm certain that this was not good.

I'll have to take a closer look at the bushings. I hadn't noticed any obvious wear, but this is a nine year old car with 150k on the clock. Probably best to just replace them anyway.

And my info on pre-loading the bearing came from the it must be true!
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