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Originally Posted by Brissyjohn View Post
Mazda = good. Rotary = not good and could give you more grief than the BMW. However, problems will probably be limited to the engine as opposed to just about everything that can fall off, break or cease to function properly on a BMW.
Are you serious?

I have owned and been around rotary engines for the last 22 years and can say unequivocally that you will get no problems from a properly built rotor. What's there to go wrong? Backyard builders butcher them and engines will fail, but the same thing goes for a piston engine. And when you have a problem with a rotary engine the cost of a rebuild is significantly less than a piston engine rebuild.

There is far less to go wrong in a rotary engine so far as moving parts etc are concerned.

There is certainly the legend of the unreliable rotary engine, but as with most things which are urban legends they are a distortion of the actual truth.
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