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Originally Posted by NJfistpumpin View Post
In for edge water with vongiess, I do though wanna catch one of your shows d max
I'm doing a tribute to Fanatics and sex with beagles'll miss it!

Hope you can make a show some time--next time, I'm thinking my cucumber and ointment stories...and I've got a great new one about how I gave a dog an orgasm, but I want people to get to know me a little better before they get the wrong idea about me.

Very funny story, btw, and it was totally inadvertent, and honestly, if you heard the story, you'd just say, "oh, dmax gave a dog an orgasm" and think nothing else about it! Besides, it's not like what you all do with beagles and cars!

Someday, guys, I hope. Sorry to keep threadjacking here, but you're my only competition on Thursday nights! I'll have to get up there sometime myself...but it's a haul for me to there too...and heard it's often busted that true?

Have a good night!
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