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Originally Posted by SLVR JDM View Post
I am seriously considering selling 3-5 pmags on gunbroker given the ridiculous prices. They seem to be fetching $60-75 EACH.

If the prices weren't so high I would just keep them, but honestly, I have enough mags and can spare a few, plus the extra cash would be good for me right now.

My question is this though:
Do I want until a ban is enacted, potentially skyrocketing the price even further? Or do I sell now and play it safe in case they make these non-transferable (not out of the question in my mind)? Also, if a hi cap mag ban doesn't come to fruition, the mags are back to being worth $15 or so

Sell now or take the gamble that a mag ban will occur and see if the price jumps up even more?

Sorry guys, given my particular circumstance (reducing debt), selling for a "normal" price isn't an option.....if that is the case I'm just holding onto them.
Just sell them. Either way you'd lose...hopefully someone in congress realizes mags aren't the problem.

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