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Originally Posted by flyin_lo View Post
Does the bolt direction make a difference? Also, on the last flex disc, one of the bolts fit so tightly into the disc sleeve that I had to knock it out with a hammer. I'm certain that this was not good.
I *think* (don't know 100%) that it would be okay to insert the bolts such that the nuts are on the aft side of the flex disc. That way it would be easier to counterhold the bolt heads with an offset box wrench and torque the nuts down from the torque-wrench accessible side. The arrows on the side of the flex disc point to the sides where trans or DS flanges should be. That in itself is important, but I don't see how bolt orientation can be.

If you point all six bolts toward the rear (easy enough for the three that hold the flex disc to the DS flanges), you might need to insert the three for the trans output flange first, before sliding the DS on, or there may not be room to get those buggers on from that orientation .... I'm speculating from memory though. When I replaced all that stuff, I did it by the book but didn't have the torque extensions to access the nuts given their location and just tightened them down as well as I could.

Forgot .... the centering sleeve is fairly easy to deal with. Just "press" it out with a dowel exactly the size of the sleeve's ID, by packing in heavy grease behind it and slamming it in there with a decent hammer. Takes about three good whacks and adding grease to get it moving. The new one can be tapped in dry but I'm not sure how many mm it should be sticking out on the e46s. Just keep in mind it's cast, not forged, and you'll want to put something relatively soft (wood block, delrin) on it or hit with a plastic hammer.... or it can crack.

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