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jchuillier: I wish I could help you with your sound issue, but my car doesn't have the factory nav, so I don't know how it all goes together. From reading your posts, I don't think the no sound issue is a problem with the stereo so much as it is with how it's currently connected. I don't know if you have all of the cables you need, or if there's something missing. I suspect something is missing.

An update to the Paypal refund request, that is not a dispute. I have until February 5th to file a dispute. This is just a way of lighting a fire under the ass of the Enco people, Charles in particular. It did, and I got a response pretty quickly. His response is as follows:

Originally Posted by Charles
please canble your dispute !

Becuase I have promissed you that we will send a software to you update your system this week!!

I will do that 100% !

1, update system software
2, map card

please cancle dispute right now!

I will do that 100%


I don't know how he's going to give me a system software update, but if they have a way to perform an update v(ia the SD Card maybe?), that will solve everything.

If not, or if he runs out of time, I'll be escalating it to a Paypal dispute. Either way, I'm not sitting here going, "Oh man, I wish I had a Dynavin!"
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