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Originally Posted by nae36 View Post
looks like it attaches onto the bottom of the washer-pump seal, it strains the fluid before it enters the pump. I just received the rubber seal to replace on my car and it is attached to the rubber seal. Its probably under one part number that is why you cant find it on realoem.
The strainer/filter that attaches to the rubber grommet where the shaft from the pump goes into is white and looks like this:

I took this strainer out and washed the gel-goo off it. (and fixed the washer fluid clog. didn't have to replace the pump. yay!)

the diameter of the blue thing is about the same size of that existing white strainer that it won't go over it, and it won't go inside it either. So I don't think it's a part of the existing strainer/pump assembly (#7 is the strainer and #6 is the pump that goes into the strainer basket through the rubber grommet/gasket on this RealOEM list)

hence.. mystery part...
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