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Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
Again, you didn't watch the video - a vast majority of the illegal firearms (yes) that are trafficked come from a handfull of dealers, and dealers can't be inspected more than once a year, nor are they required to keep a log of their inventory. Also, they are not required to cooperate with authorities? If this is true, how to you think we can enforce existing laws on the books with those restrictions? Did you catch the part where they mentioned there is no current director of the ATF, and there hasn't been on for 7 years? Ridiculous.
I watched the video. It was a liberal Jon Stewart rant that brought up nothing new.

What "handful" of dealers is this providing all the "illegal" firearms? Who says dealers can't be inspected more than once a year? You think business owners don't keep inventories? Did you take "how to run a business 101" pre-requisites? Part of owning a business is knowing what's in stock.

In what way are business owners not required to cooperate with authorities when it comes to keeping purchase records?

Oh no! No BATFE director??? Because he has to be Senate confirmed? If this were a priority, why weren't the Democrats confirming a director while they've controlled the Senate for the majority of the time the post has been empty? Who's been nominated for the post in the past 6 years? Who's been president for 4 of those 6 years the post has been empty?

Why is this just being mentioned now? Oh yeah, that's right, we can have a justifiable emotional reaction.
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