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Originally Posted by TSR6 View Post
My question here is... do you hold residency in NY or FL?

If you're a FL resident that travels to a property you own in NY, how does this work?

...or for example, what if you're traveling from PA to VT, or CT? If you're going to a shooting competition that requires travel through NY? What happens when an out-of-stater travels through NY with a non-registered AR and some 30 round mags?
I'm a resident of both; I'm a domiciliary of Florida. The laws in NY fail to see the distinction most times, because politicians are idiots.

As for your hypothetical, we dont know yet. Federal law would seem to indicate that as long as certain elements are met, you would be within your right to transport through any ban state.

1). Departure and destination states must allow the weapons.

2). Travel/transportation must be in compliance with Federal law (pretty sure there's a Firearms Transport Act or something). Basically, must be unloaded, in a locked case, and not in the passenger compartment of the car (trunk) or in farthest part of vehicle out of driver's reach (back of suv).

3). Route taken through state must be as direct as possible; no detours.

If you comply with those, you're w/in interstate commerce and federal law protects you.

In my situation, I could buy a ban-state compliant or Pre-ban AR, outfit it in an acceptable configuration, take it to NY, register it within the required period, and then either keep it there or bring it back and forth. At least, that's how I interpret it

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