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Well I slapped on the intake and took it for a spin with the new flaky alternator. Running great very stable throttle and AFRs. Did some data logging and looks excellent. The TPS / RPM fuel map is now stable and not jumping all over the place when cruising. My stereo since I had the car had a whine / buzz. That noise is now gone and so are the unstable voltages. Now back to putting in the replacement alternator for next week. Then off to the AEM Dyno tunner about 90 minutes drive down the road...

For fun I also was able to test out the Virtual Dyno software. Simulates a dynojet from the AEM logs when u calibrate for the car: driver & car weight, final drive, trans gear ratio, tire height, and drag coefficient etc... Worked fairly well compared to my actual dyno numbers. It seemed to give reasonable numbers
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