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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
Chest shoulder day has both heavy bench and clean and jerks. Back has heavy deads. Plus the squat program. I seem to have both low rep heavy stuff and high rep. And I think dabears is right. If I'm hitting everything hard and eating enough I should grow like most people do on similar programs. I've never been consistent with this so I think this will be good over a 3 months period
That's what I thought too, but it still didn't pan out that way. Every body responds differently though, so it may work for you. My body is changing more now than it ever has, and I'm doing less (..in terms of variety). Sometimes I only get through 2 different lifts (..i.e....squats and cleans) and either pull-ups/chin-ups/dips and I am toast. Body quivering.....the whole 9! But damn has my strength really increased and my body comp has changed a lot. I've noticed a significant amount of change; specifically in my ab/oblique/quad/glute/hamstring/lower-mid back.

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Eating is the biggest compound to getting bigger I would say. But you eat a good amount
Yeah, he already eats quite a bit.
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