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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
Once your done explaining the crime rate difference between Japan (Strict Gun Control) and the US then explain how your factors (population/crime rates) mean anything.

Have you thought maybe population density might factor into crime rates?
Japan 349.1 people per sq km
UK 262 people per sq km
US 34.6 people per sq km

Are you going to join the majority of people here. Find one fact to support your claim, choose it, and disregard the rest? You look silly pumping up a false correlation with such a fallacy.
Just convert the percentages into figures per a certain population.

Japan: 22 crimes/1000 people
US: 38 crimes/1000 people
Britain: 104 crimes/1000 people

Edit: Because there are too many variables involved to say gun control has had a positive impact on a country's crime rates. Like I said, the population is much larger in the US yet the number of crimes committed is still much lower compared to that of Britain. Theoretically one would think in a society/country with more people the crime rate in turn would be much higher. And dare I say, but we have many more variables in this country that should contribute to a much higher crime rate yet that isn't the case.
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