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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
Just convert the percentages into figures per a certain population.

Japan: 22 crimes/1000 people
US: 38 crimes/1000 people
Britain: 104 crimes/1000 people

Edit: Because there are too many variables involved to say gun control has had a positive impact on a country's crime rates. Like I said, the population is much larger in the US yet the number of crimes committed is still much lower compared to that of Britain. Theoretically one would think in a society/country with more people the crime rate in turn would be much higher. And dare I say, but we have many more variables in this country that should contribute to a much higher crime rate yet that isn't the case.
First, that is what I have been saying all along. You can't contribute one factor (gun ownership) and state it has a profound effect on another factor (crime rates).

You can argue statistically that the UK has higher crime rates, but someone else can say that the US has higher crime rates. 82% more than the UK according to your link.

For the bold:
How do you suppose? What variables do we have that Britain and Japan do not? We certainly don't have the same population density. Do you think that if the US reflected a similar population density it would have an effect on the population?
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