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Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
Obviously didn't watch video, but thanks. I'm not for "taking away guns"
Just placing limits which makes the 2nd irrelevant.

It was written to fight governments musket to musket.

The AR15 is a modern day musket. Argue all you want firepower has increased 10 fold.

Yes we should be able to take up arms against our government. Sounds tin hat but its partially what keeps things in check.

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
How can we enforce existing gun laws when law enforcement's hands are tied? Why are we ok with the NRA (and the GOP) blocking our attempts to control illegal fire arms? Could it be they aren't looking out for gun owners, but rather manufactures and dealers?

And why isn't this more talked about?
What attempts have been made towards illegal firearms? Seems like sweeping legislation aimed at a small minority which affects the large majority mostly(remember criminals dont care about laws).

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
And my biggest question to those who think the Obama administration (and those who watch/listen to Alex Jones :rofl ) What do you propose as gun "regulation" reform?
Simple. Nothing.

Sometimes water isn't the best way to put out fire.

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
No such thing? Owning a gun that can shoot (if it existed) depleted uranium rounds? A weapon that is fully Automatic? No?
Fully automatic weapons are rare and very expensive. The secret about them is they aren't as effective in the real world as semi auto. Its very hard to control and fire a fully auto rifle.

As far as a theoretical fake uranium gun I dont think the public should have such things.

I also think the government shouldn't have nukes either but you dont see the government completely disarming itself do you? once again fire with fire.

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
I was waiting for you to come in here and spout off **** about how the stolen/trafficked firearms are somehow legal. Obviously didn't watch the video, and of course frothing at the mouth over laws that don't exist.
I would bet most are stolen. Criminals will find a way no matter what. In the early days they would murder and steal them from police armories.

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
Again, you didn't watch the video - a vast majority of the illegal firearms (yes) that are trafficked come from a handfull of dealers, and dealers can't be inspected more than once a year, nor are they required to keep a log of their inventory. Also, they are not required to cooperate with authorities? If this is true, how to you think we can enforce existing laws on the books with those restrictions? Did you catch the part where they mentioned there is no current director of the ATF, and there hasn't been on for 7 years? Ridiculous.
Because the ATF is run by a government which at current time would like nothing more than to systematically disarm the public.

between purposefully allowing AR15's to be sold and get across the border to mexico and alot of other mishaps which come from the top.. who needs them.

Also where did you get the idea that the dealers don't have to cooperate with authorities. Pure BS.

They keep a record and so does the DOJ and dept of law enforcement in your state. They cant sell a gun without a background check. The government lacks the drive or competancy to actually use this info to help anything.

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
They are, unless you have a class III license and are a dealer (using it for demonstration purposes) Unless I'm incorrect on that.

I don't know the answer to your question, but I can tell you the majority of violent crime (according to FBI statistics) are with *gasp* firearms. Let's be clear here, no on (in this thread) is calling for the banning of weapons, I asking what can be done to minimize the risk of these weapons getting into the wrong hands? Of should we just ignore the problem?
Approximately half of all robberies, about a quarter of
all assaults, and roughly a twelfth of all rapes/sexual
assaults involved an armed assailant. About 90% of
homicide victims were killed with a weapon.

I'd say you are probably right although the only statistics I could find are homicide rates knife vs gun.

Violent crime such as rapes,burglary,etc is harder to find.

Originally Posted by Iceman00 View Post
Again, no one is speaking on BANNING WEAPONS. I am specifically asking about what we can do to lessen these types of incidents. I know that Assault weapons are responsible for very little crime, I'm worried about the trafficking of weapons and giving law enforcement the proper tools to do their jobs, so civilians won't have to.
You said it yourself that assault weapons(made up word/they aren't BTW) consist of a very small percentage of crimes so why go after them? It makes you feel better thats why.

What can you do to lessen these types of situations(besides not much)

More than one armed person protecting the "gun free zones". I wont get too deep into who it should be but its important its more than one. Otherwise you just find that one guy who you know is armed and take him out(probably with a pistol BTW).


Eliminate gun free zones.

Some points
Armed police officers already exist in middle and high school so its not much of a change and shouldn't make you feel any different.

You could take the minimum of 70k and put it towards raises,severe long term training for qualified teachers. For the price of 2 officers you could have 5-10 well trained teachers.

Now comes the part where you insist that More guns = more violence and the teachers will snap and shoot kids.

Nothing is stopping a teacher from pulling a sandy hook situation as of now and guess what It hasnt and most likely wont ever happen. Teachers are on the up and up for the most part and mental instability is rare. I'd rather have teachers in place of high school dropout police officers we have instead.

These things would directly address the problem but you dont want to hear them when reality cannot coexist with the dreamworld liberals would like to live in.
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