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Originally Posted by Madshady View Post
what would it cost to change a 04 325i to air ride and on a scale 1 to 10 how hard would it be to diy

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The actual bottom line "cost" varies quite a bit depending on many things. The beauty of air is that it's extremely easy to do yourself (especially with the Air Lift kits). I mean, if you can install springs and shocks (which are very straight forward and 100% bolt-on and bolt-off) along with wiring up power, ground and remote (just like you would a car stereo), then you can install your own air suspension. Yes, it's that easy. Now, however, where the "expertise" comes in (for lack of a better word) is when you start determining how you want your trunk to look. You sure in the heck don't want to just bolt down your compressor, tank, board brains and all that jazz. You'd like it to look neat back there, maybe with a false floor hiding some of the components, tucking some things away, etc. It's much like you would with a stereo system. Just like you wouldn't just throw some subs in the back and glue down your amps, you wouldn't do it with your air stuff. You want it clean back there. That is why the pricing can differentiate from install to install. Did you want it integrated with your sub box? Two small air tanks (instead of one bigger one) tucked away in the sides, etc? Again, that's where pricing differentiates.
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