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Are we really getting into a Mazda VS BMW conversation? When it comes to steering feel and being connected with the car Germans do it much better than the Japanese. However, steering response on the other hand I would have to hand it to Mazda. It's all because the Japanese Koreisha Mark believe in the 1950's steering assistance. Makes their cars feel lighter, and more nimble if that makes sense. Mazda is, and always has been, exceptional at delivering nimble sports cars i.e. the MX5, RX7's and the JC Cosmos etc. The M3 has more power out of the box whether it be 6MT or SMG, and it can easily make 300hp+ with any number of low boost forced induction kits if you were to go down that path.

Which one have you really got your eye on? The E36 or E46?

Good luck with which way you go
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